You would be surprised how many people have used ghost-writers: Tom Clancy; Ronald Reagan; JFK; Hillary Clinton; Richard Branson, Stephen Covey- to name just a few. I have ghost-written/edited over a dozen books (autobiographies, business books, novels, non-fiction) for clients – whose identities I cannot of course divulge.

Ghostwriting principles

  • Client retains sole copyright to material.
  • Client retains commercial proceeds from sales.
  • The ghostwriter’s identity should remain secret.

Some of the books I have ghostwritten/edited

  • Autobiography of cancer patient
  • Autobiography of a D-Day war hero
  • Book by corporate trainer
  • Book of essays on family relationships
  • Book of humorous business laws
  • Book on biblical botany
  • Book on inspirational farm women
  • Book on succession planning
  • Novel targeted at the teen market
  • Self-help book by innovation expert
  • WW2 novel


Congratulations on ghost-writing the autobiography of my 93 year-old father-in-law. The picture that emerges of an eccentric maverick is precisely how I would describe him.

Yanky turned my clunky 250,000-word manuscript into a highly readable 150,000-word novel.

If you know someone who wants to write an autobiography, biography, novel or work of non-fiction, but doesn’t have the time or patience to write it. Contact Yanky now.

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