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In addition to supplying clients with business blogs and other creative content, I am also a ghostwriter, corporate trainer, published author and motivational speaker. I worked for several years as an award-winning freelance copywriter in Israel, and was the founder chair of English Amateur Drama in Israel. My global business is now based in Ireland.

Business Books

  • Fire in the Belly: 10th Anniversary revised edition (2010)
  • My Family Doesn’t Understand Me (2002)
  • Chutzpah: unlocking the maverick mindset (2005)
  • Should I, Shouldn’t I? (2007)
  • Bookbuzz Book of Biz Book Insights 2009 (2008)
  • Bookbuzz Book of Business Insights 2011 (2010)
  • Bookbuzz Book of Business Execution (2010)
  • The Selling Conversation (co-writter: Dermot McConkey) (2010)
  • Chapter on Innovation and Enterprise: Ireland and Israel, in What Did We Do Right? Global perspectives on Ireland’s ‘Miracle’ (co-edited by Rory Miller (2010)
  • Chutzpah 3.0: Igniting the chutzpah spark in your DNA (2012)

History Books

  • A Tale of 4 Cities (1993)
  • The Vow: Rebuilding the Fachler Tribe after the Holocaust (2003)
  • 6 Officers, 2 Lions and 750 Mules (2004)
  • God’s Little Errand Boys (2010)
  • Gentile Heroines and Heroes (2014)
  • Kaleidoscope: 100 characters who helped shape the Irish-Jewish community (2013)

About Chutzpah

I write and speak frequently about chutzpah (rhymes with foot-spa), which means cheek, nerve, audacity, doing something unexpected. The Economist defines chutzpah as “that upbeat sense of self-confidence that says anything is possible, go for it.” I also like Ron Schulz’s definition: “a willingness to step forward into audacious action even though you may have no idea either how you will pull it off, or where it will ultimately lead.” We all have chutzpah in our DNA, but our parents and our teachers did a good job suppressing it. It’s time to let the chutzpah genie out the bottle. The more we ignite our chutzpah spark, the more aware we become of new chutzpah opportunities. Let the chutzpah force be with you!

Chutzpah Case Study

Before Swifty Lazar became a famous Hollywood agent, he was having dinner with a starlet he was trying to sign up. Feeling the call of nature, he bumps into Frank Sinatra in the men’s room. Without missing a beat, Swifty introduces himself and asks Sinatra to come over to Swifty’s table to say hello. “Frank, you have no idea what this will do to my career.” Sinatra is unamused, and tells Swifty to get lost. Swifty badgers Sinatra so much that he finally agrees. After they have both returned to their tables, Sinatra strides across the restaurant to Swifty’s table. All eyes follow Sinatra – which celebrity is he going to greet? Sinatra stretches out his hand and says, “Hi there, Swifty.” Without looking up, Swifty waves Sinatra away: “Not now, Frank, I’m busy.”

That’s chutzpah.