7 powerful reasons to have a business blog

  1. SEO: Your blog drives you higher up the SEO charts. Google and other search engines always want fresh content, and their spiders will systematically crawl your website to monitor any new content.
  2. DRIVES TRAFFIC: A business blog with good content drives traffic to your website. According to HubSpot, 60% of businesses that blog attract additional customers.
  3. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: You become a thought leader in your industry by sharing your expertise and by expressing your views. You will gain followers interested in your views on industry trends and developments.
  4. DIALOGUING WITH CUSTOMERS: Your business blog is a powerful vehicle for dialoguing with your customers about your products and services. You can reach new untapped audiences by sharing the content created on your business blogs on social networks.
  5. PR BUZZ: Your business blog adds buzz to your website, and serves as a valuable PR and marketing tool. You will be sought out for media interviews and you will be invited to speak at conferences.
  6. PERSONALISES YOUR BRAND: Your business blog humanises your brand and adds a personal touch. Share your insights on you, your business offering, your philosophy, your story, what drives you, and how you can help your customers.
  7. SIMPLE: Posting your business blogs requires no specialized design skills – popular blogging platforms like WordPress and Hubspot are designed for people with zero design experience.

Business blogs need time, commitment and enthusiasm – but as the folks over at L’Oreal say, you’re worth it. If you know your business needs a blog, but you haven’t the time or the patience to write it, Contact Yanky. Creating business blogs for clients is what I do. Real well.

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